Friday, November 04, 2005


Research Futuristic Technology Paper

  • For the last few weeks I have been researching answers to the question “what new technology can we look forward to”. I have came up with a lot of information that I am sure that you will enjoy.
  • Talk about how I gathered the information
  • The step that I used to keep my information organized
  • Discuss the information that I received
  • Use quotes and cite them using the information that I have

  • Continue to give information about m topic use the other citation and use quotes

Opposing view
  • Talk about why this is the best research topic
  • how I believe everyone can benefit from the data that I have collected


  • Whether or not I liked this research topic
  • Why I did this research paper
  • Topics that I may choose to do in the future

Robosapiens 2

The Robosapien rocked our world with its release in 2003, and now the Robosapien V2 toy is going to blow you away! From the designer of Robosapien and Roboraptor, Mark Tilden has now released a new generation robot! This new improved robot has all the original features of the Robosapien and a whole wad more! It stands 10" taller than the original Robosapien, making it 2 foot tall! And it can even talk, not just to you, it can also command the Roboraptor and the Robopet!

The RoboV2 is the newest and most intelligent robot available to the market. WowWee Robotics promises him to be the closest thing to a real life companion you can buy (of the robot variety), and they definitely deliver.

The V2 is a fully functional remote control robot but the great thing about the V2 is that you don't need to use the remote control in order to interact with your robot friend. The RoboV2 will roam freely about his environment. He is equipped with an array of sensors, including -- infrared vision sensors, foot sensors, gauntlet sensors and stereo sonic sensors. These allow him to react in extremely amusing ways to a variety of things. For example, if he hears a sound, he will turn off his vision system and listen for more sounds. He will acknowledge where the sound is coming from by turning his body toward it -- if the sound is directly in front of him, however, he will say something to the extent of, "Hey there!" or "...definitely something there." He will then walk toward the sound or if he happens to be holding something in his hand – he will throw something at it.

The RoboV2's vision system allows him to track movements and detect obstacles -- he can even differentiate between colors. He can also tell if an object is close to him or far away -- if it's close, he will command you to, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Upon which, if you do not "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" he will start a revolution. Well, no, not really, but he may get mad at you. He will also flinch if you move objects too close to his eyes -- so don't scare him.

As previously mentioned, his ability to differentiate between colors allows him to tell if you're a human or, say, a wall. So, if you happen to put your hand in front of him, he may wave, or shake it. And, since RoboV2 has a penchant for throwing things -- he comes with a set of red bowling pins and a green ball -- it'll keep him busy for hours while you have a little "me" time.

The V2 is also programmable -- meaning you can script his movements and animations. He can be programmed six different ways. Three ways in the controller program mode -- which includes "main, vision and sound" -- allowing you to enter moves using a controller. He will remember up to 20 maximum moves -- making the RoboV2 the perfect prom date. He can also be programmed three ways in the positional program mode -- which includes "main, left and right" -- allowing you to program the Robosapien like a puppet, manually moving his body parts into different positions. This mode has a maximum of 12 moves -- and he will memorize them until they are deleted from his system. Resetting him, putting him to sleep or powering him down will not prevent him from firmly knowing his dance moves.

The Robosapien V2 can also interact with his robotic "companions" -- the Robopet and the Roboraptor -- by commanding the Robopet to perform various different tricks, and by fighting the Roboraptor in mortal combat (well, not really -- but he can tell him to calm down when the Roboraptor is attempting to be ferocious, as Roboraptors tend to be.)

The V2 is a lot stonger then the original Robosapien and its finely-tuned precision hands allow him to pick up much heavier objects than his smaller sibling. He can even throw things. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Advanced agility allows Robosapien V2 to bend over and twist from side to side, so he can now sit, bend, lie down and stand up.

As well as interacting with his surroundings Robosapien V2 can now talk to you. Forget old school grunts and bleeps - with different phrases for different scenarios this is like having Robocop in your living room (minus the profanity and carnage). Fully equipped with infra-red radar vision, the V2's moving 'eyes' can detect obstacles and track movement. Robosapien V2 can even react to noises thanks to a stereo sound detection system. And before you ask, yes, we have ripped one apart to see if there's a little bloke inside. (There isn't, by the way).

But if you think all of the above is clever, get this: a sensory vision system enables Robosapien V2 to actually recognize and remember objects and skin tones. This means he can wave and reach out to shake his owner's hand. It really is quite uncanny and has to be seen to be disbelieved.

Robosapien V2 also comes equipped with laser tracking; simply use the ultra-sleek PS2-style RC unit to trace a path on the ground and the V2 will follow it. You can even use Robosapien V2 to control Roboraptor and Robopet. Come to think of it, if Robosapien V2 were any more advanced we'd be on the blower to John Connor, because judging by this must-have biomorphic masterpiece the robots are most definitely on the rise.

Multiple levels of environmental interaction, with humans and objects; sight, sound and touch sensors
Humanoid body movements, including bending, sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, waving, martial arts...
Speech: Responds verbally to environmental stimuli and to controller commands
Color vision system: recognizes colors and skin tones; interacts with objects and people
Stereo sound detection system: "hears" and reacts to sounds
IR vision: detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects
'Laser' tracking technology: follows a path traced on the ground
True bi-pedal walking with multiple gaits
Precision gripping, articulated fingers
Realistic 2-axis turning head with animated LED eyes
Interacts with, and controls, Roboraptor and Robopet
Sleep and auto-shut off functions
Control Features:
100 pre-programmed functions
2 demonstration modes
4 programming modes
Controller or direct, positional programming
Remote control and autonomous "free-roam" behavior modes

"Robosapien Version 2." Robosapien Version 2. Robot Kits. 04 Nov. 2005 .

Thursday, November 03, 2005

new and famous toy

"Although toy robots have been around for decades, the movements were always very jerky, the robots moved on wheels and they didn't do a great deal," says Ben Green.

"The secret of the Robosapien's desirability is that it's the first robot on the toy market to have a significant amount of movement in a stable way.

"It has 67 programmable functions, including burping, kung fu moves and talking, and it responds to touch and sound and can even pick up small objects.

"It's definitely their wow factor, combined with their gadget appeal, that has made them top of the list this year."


Robosapiens - £79.99

Bratz - £19.99

Cabbage Patch Kids - £19.99

Classic Games (Buckaroo, Twister, Cluedo) - £9.99-£14.99

Dora the Explorer - £29.99

Leapster - £64.99

Power Rangers - £6.99

Tamagotchi - £12.99

Trampolines (8-14ft) - £149.00-£299.95

V-Smile - £49.99

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How is my research going?

my research is going very well. I have been very successful at finding useful information on the topic of futuristic technology. I do not have a primary source yet but should have one in the next couple of days. The topic is very broad so the information that I have received ranges from video game systems to car and more. This is a fun and easy way to learn. Due to blogger we can all receive and give other people information at a quick rate.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Xbox 360

I am giving you a lot of infomation about the Xbox 360. This is the future of the gaming world.

The Graphic Touch

No element of next-generation gaming, and more specifically, Xbox 360™, will be more closely scrutinized than the graphics. The visual flair and competence showcased will need to be extraordinary to impress.

No other aspect of the console will be more noticed or commented upon, but now that we are seeing screenshots and video, we can begin to see just how fundamental a shift we can expect. The graphics aren't just a step up; they're a quantum leap forward.

At A Glance
  • High-definition standard.
  • Graphic processing power.
  • Photo-realistic environments.

The Facts
For those that dig numbers, here are just a few raw specs for you to chew on regarding the graphical processing unit (GPU) for Xbox 360:

  • 500 MHz core frequency
  • 48 Vector ALU
  • 48 Scalar ALU
  • 16 Texture Fetch Units
  • 16 Interpolation Units
  • 16 Vertex Vetch Units with programmable tessellation
  • Dedicated shader control flow unit
  • Custom high-speed EDRAM

For the non-techies among us, that's a beast of a card. Michael Dougherty (graphics guru on the Xbox 360 team), had this to say when talking about the sheer horsepower:

"The GPU has an honest design with respect to performance. For example, texture filtering and MSAA can be done at full rate with no performance penalties. Some GPUs have looked good on paper, but fallen far short of expectations due to unpublished penalties when doing real rendering. This GPU delivers."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Berger, Dave. "Fords Futheristic Technology." Fords Futheristic Technology. 27 July 2005. Ford. 26 Oct. 2005 .

Ford is coming out with a large range of new cars with a large varity of new technology. The The 2006 Ford Fusion is the company's first fully digital car. It was completely designed, engineered and tested in a digital environment. The Ford Mustang Convertible is suppose to be the most solid, best-handling, most refined open air version yet of this American legend.

This is just the beginning of my research. I plan to do a new branch of enterainment each day. Next I will look at the gaming industry such as video games or cool new toys.

So if you have any information on where I could get information about those topic plese let me know.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I will be researching futheristic technology. I am most intrested in the entertainment side of the world. Such as video games,music devices, and toys. the question that i will ask is how, when and why are these devices going to be created

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